Terms and Conditions

  1. The customer is supposed to provide original national I.D/Passport & Driving license with a minimum
    of 3 years’ experience. Soft copies to be retained and originals to be returned. A qualified client must
    have a reliable source of income, either employed or a businessperson and Must provide a guarantor.

  2.  In the case where a client comes with a personal driver, the liability of the vehicle will be mutual
    (Between the client and the personal driver) but for the Crown Safaris driver, the liability will be for
    Crown Safaris.

  3.  A qualified customer MUST pay KES. 1,200/- where KES. 1,000 acts as refundable deposit that caters
    for damages, lateness and misuse while KES. 200 for car wash.

  4.  The vehicle is Hired for a minimum of 24hrs thereafter a fine of KES.500/- shall be charged for every
    hour past over the contract period.

  5. The vehicle hired is to be driven for a MAXIMUM of 400km per day. Exceeding the mileage will incur an
    extra charge which will be calculated per KM or rather add an extra day. Note Our vehicles should not
    exceed a speed limit of 100km/h

  6.  A successful candidate for Hire Must sign the digital receipt before the vehicle dispatch. This one sends
    a digital receipt to the clients E-mail.

  7.  As part of the vetting, the customer’s residential area or place of work shall be made known to the
    office upon hiring the car. (This is also a way of testing the customers driving proficiency where He/she
    MUST DRIVE TO AND FROM the residential/working location).

  8.  The customer shall be held liable of all the damages incurred during the hire period.

  9. In case of an accident or incident that stalls the vehicle, the client will continue paying normal Car Hire
    rates while undertaking to get the vehicle on transit.

  10.  In case the vehicle is involved in a crime or an offence while in the hands of the customer and the same
    is retained, the customer shall pay normal HIRE rates until the vehicle has been released.

  11.  The customer is required to keep his /her phone on in case of urgent communication with the office.
    Deliberate switching off of mobile phone shall lead to blacklisting of the customer.

    A signature of Excellence

  12. The customer is required to travel in the route that is indicated in the contract form but can
    communicate if willing to change route. It’s a breach of contract to change the route without notifying
    the office.

  13.  If the customer needs to extend the contract, He/She must communicate with the office one hour
    before time lapses.

  14. The customer shall use the car for legal purposes stated in the agreement form. Crown Safaris will not
    be liable for illegal business transacted with our vehicles. Note our vehicles are private and should not
    be used for commercial purposes.

  15. No cash refund will be done if the customer returns the vehicle before the lapse of the contract period.
    N.B excess fuel is also NON REFUNDABLE.

  16.  The customer is the only one who has the right to drive the hired vehicle and should not sub hire it to a
    third party. In case of sub hire, the contract will be terminated and no cash refund will be done.

  17. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the water and oil level and other essential. In case of a
    mechanical hitch, the customer MUST contact the office immediately for further instructions. And if its
    past the working hours or the staffs are out of reach, the customer MUST take immediate action.
    Crown Safaris shall not be held liable for damages caused due to negligence.

  18. It’s the responsibility of the customer to take care of their valuables in the vehicle, the company shall
    not be held liable for misplaced valuables during and after the contract.
    By signing below, I confirm that:
    -The information I have given is true
    -The documents I have submitted are genuine
    – I have read the terms and conditions above and agreed to be bound by them
    Thank you for choosing Crown Safaris